Echeveria hybrid – Echeveria ‘Raindrops’ seeds x20


Small Rosette Red Edge & ‘Raindrop’ on Leaves

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Echeveria ‘Raindrops’

Echeveria hybrid

This plant is not on the Australian Noxious Weed List

Echeveria ‘Raindrops’ is a hybrid plant that forms a rosette up to 15 cm across, each leaf bearing a raised area similar to a raindrop on the leaf, hence its name. A juvenile plant does not have the ‘raindrop’ nor colour that develops with maturity. This plant is rather shy of developing offsets and propagation is usually achieved with tissue culture.

Hybrid seed does not always grow true to type because of genetic mix. The theory is that of 20 seeds you can expect 5 seeds true to type, 5 seeds male parent dominant, 5 seeds female parent dominant and 5 seeds random genetic mix. So the chances of producing a ‘Raindrop’ plant are much reduced and the chance of producing an unusual variation increased.

Plant breeders grow hybrid seed in order to ‘find’ a variant that they can market for a good financial return.

Offered is a packet of 20 seeds and Grownotes to assist you to cultivate this unusual plant.

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Item specifics

Plant Habit: Low growing, singular succulent. Common Name: Echeveria ‘Raindrops’
Climate: Dry, Sub-tropical, Temperate Season of Interest: Spring
Sunlight: Full Sun, Partial Shade Watering: Light
Genus: Echeveria Type: Balcony Plant, Decorative Plant, Potted Plant, Rockery Plant
Foliage: Evergreen Soil pH: Neutral
Species: hybrid Soil Type: Loam, Sand, Cactus Mix
Plant Hardiness Zone (°C): 4 (0 to 5 °C)


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