Leptecophylla juniperina – Pink Mountain Berry seeds X 25


Native Shrub, Edible Fruit

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Pink Mountain Berry

Leptecophylla juniperina

The Pink Mountain Berry is native to Victoria and Tasmania where it grows from the coastal strip up into semi-alpine climes. It can also be found in New Zealand, New Guinea and some Pacific Islands. This plant prefers a moderate winter and cool, moist summers.

A member of the Ericacae family (heaths and heathers) it grows to 1.5 metres high with much the same spread, has juniper-like prickly leaves and such wide distribution is adaptable to most soils. The white flowers are tubular and seen in winter/spring followed by deep pink, fleshy fruits (drupes) about 10mm in diameter. The fruit is edible both raw or cooked and was often used for ‘bush tucker’.

Offered is a packet of approximately 25 seeds with propagation notes.

All seed is posted in bubble wrap protection.

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Item specifics

Plant Habit: Native Shrub Common Name: Pink Mountain Berry
Climate: Sub-tropical, Temperate, Mediterranean, Cold Season of Interest: Spring/Summer
Sunlight: Sun, Partial Shade Watering: Medium
Genus: Leptecophylla Type: Flowering
Foliage: Evergreen Soil pH: Neutral
Species: juniperina Soil Type: Clay, Loam, Sand
Plant Hardiness Zone (°C): 3 (-5°C to 0°C) Tolerance to: Frost & drought


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