Citrus limon Lemon – Bush Lemon seed x20


4 metre Tree Thick-skin Juicy Fruit for Cooking

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Bush Lemon

Citrus limon

(This plant is NOT on the Australian Noxious Weed List)

The Bush Lemon has become naturalised in sub-tropical Australia and you can see them growing in farm paddocks and along roadsides in those areas. The Bush Lemon is not a common plant in other countries.
A bushy, small, spreading tree to 4 metres (13 feet) with a dense crown of glossy, dark green leaves. The fruit is ovoid with a rough (almost dimpled) skin, unlike modern smooth skinned varieties. The fruit, which is produced all year round if conditions are suitable, are slightly larger than smooth-skinned varieties and have an abundance of juice. The skin of the fruit is thick and is very good for lemon zest in cooking. The juice is used for cooking and can be made into a refreshing drink.
Lemons like a warm climate but are hardy to frost. They grow well in sub-tropical and warm temperate climates and coastal climates in cooler areas with a minimum of care.
Propagation by seed is not difficult and young trees may commence to fruit in their third year.

Offered is a packet of 20 seeds and Grownotes to assist you.

All my seed travels safely with bubble wrap protection.

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Item specifics

Plant Habit: Tree Common Name: Bush Lemon
Climate: Sub-tropical, Temperate Season of Interest: Summer
Sunlight: Full Sun Watering: Medium
Genus: Citrus Type: Fruit
Foliage: Evergreen Soil pH: Neutral
Species: limon Soil Type: Clay, Loam
Plant Hardiness Zone (°C): 3 (-5 to 0 °C)


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