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Early Rosella, Roselle

Hibiscus sabdariffa

(This plant is not on the Australian Noxious Weed List.)

Thought to be a native of Africa, this plant has been spread widely by early seafarers as an emergency food source and now occupies most land areas in the tropics and sub-tropics. It is regarded as naturalised in the Australian tropics.

Hibiscus sabdariffa goes by a multitude of common names – Rosella, Roselle, Rozelle, Jamaican Tea, Maple-Leaf Hibiscus, Florida Cranberry, October Hibiscus and Red Sorrell in English and doubtless many other names in other languages. 

A search of the internet will produce a large amount of information on this plant, its cultivation, recipes, medicinal and other uses.

Rosella requires a growing season of six months and should be planted at the onset of warm weather in the tropics or started in a greenhouse in other areas. The climate range is from arid, dry temperate regions through sub-tropical and tropical climates. It does best in the dry season in the tropics.

A fast-growing annual, it will grow to 3 metres high and 2 metres wide in just six months. Flowering is in October which subsequently leads to a distinctive red calyx around the large seed pod. (The Calyx is formed of sepals which are the green outer coverings of a flower bud. These open to allow flower petals to emerge and then form a green base at the rear of the flower and subsequently the seed pod).

Edible parts of the plant are the flower petals for salads; the calyx for jams and sauces and dried as a tea; the young, tender leaves are cooked as spinach. Additionally, fibre from the stems is used as a substitute for jute and the petals used for making dye.

It is recorded that 6 plants, at 1 square metre per plant, will provide sufficient harvest for jam and tea making.

Offered is a packet of 25 seeds and propagation notes for this easily grown plant.

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Item specifics

Plant Habit:
Bushy, Flowering, Spreading/Branched
Common Name: Early Rosella, Roselle
Climate: Sub-tropical, Temperate, Tropical Season of Interest: Spring
Sunlight: Full Sun Watering: Medium
Genus: Hibiscus Type: Decorative Plant, Large Plant
Foliage: Evergreen Soil pH: Neutral
Species: sabdariffa Soil Type: Clay, Loam, Sand
Plant Hardiness Zone (°C): 4 (0 to 5 °C)


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